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Passion for the
Game. Passion for the Grape.

Washington native and 12 year veteran of the MLS Kelyn Rowe has spent most of his life training to improve on the field. When he’s not dribbling on the turf, Kelyn can be found pouring glasses from the world’s most outstanding vineyards. As a wine enthusiast, Kelyn appreciates the nuanced characteristics that enhance the drinking experience. 

Being a devoted team player, Kelyn knows first-hand that a glass of wine is more enjoyable when shared with others.

“I believe every bottle holds a story. When you pop the cork you get a story of the vineyard, the generations of wine makers and how they perfected their craft, or the story of the occasion and people you decide to drink it with.” 

Kelyn Rowe

The Team Vino FC Experience

Calling all Sounders fans, wine tasting novices, and fellow aficionados!

You don’t have to know a thing about wine to enjoy drinking it, but with the right insights, you can understand why it tastes the way it does. Just think how you’ll impress your social circle the next time you order a flight of wine.

Are you ready to join a casual community of local wine enthusiasts (and sports fans) for drinks? If so, get ready to enrich your palate with some of the finest around.

Subscription Service

Vino FC is a thoughtfully curated monthly wine subscription that represents wine regions from around the world while delivering exceptional value. At Vino FC, we celebrate the diversity of wine styles, inclusive to all levels of wine consumers. We explore traditional and lesser-known varieties, regions and newest discoveries together. Most importantly, we have fun.

Monthly Wine Subscription, Vino FC

Monthly Tastings

Listen to music, chat with other Vino FC members, and enjoy a wide variety of curated wine selections from around the world (perhaps even some from Kelyn Rowe’s own personal collection).

Special Invitations

As a team member, you’ll have the opportunity to join Kelyn Rowe and his crew for exclusive wine events, broadening your horizons and opening yourself up to the world of wine.

Discover What Makes a Bottle of Wine Truly Great!

Whether you’re a professional athlete or a professional wine taster, if you want to take your game to the next level, you need the right coaching, resources, and practice.

Here is your chance to join Kelyn Rowe’s team off the field to indulge in fine wines at an affordable price.

Broaden your horizons and open yourself up to the exciting world of wine tasting in Seattle. Join Team Vino today!