Learn Everything You Need to Know About Wine from the “MLS Wine Guy”

About Kelyn Rowe

Seattle Sounder and Washington native Kelyn Rowe has passionately pursued three distinct areas in his life: soccer, supporting children battling cancer, and now the world of wine.

From his earliest steps, Kelyn’s connection with soccer was evident. He kicked a ball in his first strides and has maintained an unwavering commitment to the sport. Beginning his journey with the local club Federal Way Storm, he swiftly progressed to Crossfire Premier, ultimately earning a scholarship to UCLA before turning professional in 2012. With a thriving career spanning over a decade, Kelyn boasts an impressive record of more than 350 games and 4 caps with the USMNT, including an impactful goal and assist during the 2017 Gold Cup. Presently, Kelyn proudly represents his hometown team, the Seattle Sounders, both on and off the field.

Beyond his athletic accomplishments, Kelyn’s dedication to giving back shines brightly. Commencing his professional soccer journey in New England, he embarked on a transformative journey visiting patients at local hospitals. This path led him to the Jessie Rees Foundation, igniting a profound commitment to aiding children in their battle against cancer. In 2014, after hosting young cancer patient David at a game, Kelyn established his own event, Kelyn’s NEGU Crew, in collaboration with the Jessie Rees Foundation. This initiative, born from the desire to “Cure A Bad Day,” has embraced more than 65 children and their families since its inception, with no plans of slowing down. Despite achieving significant milestones such as game-winning goals, representing the USA, and triumphing in the Concacaf Champions League, Kelyn maintains that his work with NEGU stands as his highest professional honor.

The global pandemic prompted unexpected shifts, allowing Kelyn to explore a newfound passion for wine. Amidst the hiatus in MLS play, he delved into the world of wine, studying under the guidance of master of champagne, sommelier, and friend Hillary Cole. During this period, Kelyn not only earned the WSET Level 2 with distinction but also transformed his enthusiasm for wine into a burgeoning profession. Whether volunteering at wineries, hosting wine-related events, or sharing his insights, he experienced a similar euphoria to that of playing soccer. This realization catalyzed his decision to pursue a career in wine. As he ventured further, Kelyn began receiving requests for wine recommendations from teammates, both past and present, as well as opposing players. This prompted the creation of Vino FC, earning him the title of “MLS Wine Guy.” 

“I believe there is a story in every bottle of wine that tells the tale of the struggle the vines went through in the vineyard that year, the winemaker in the barrel room playing with blends like a mad scientist, all the way to the people you decide to share that bottle with.”

A Unique Opportunity to Try Something New

Wine doesn’t have to be intimidating or expensive. Kelyn Rowe and Team Vino FC give you the products, advice, and opportunities to drink with the pros.