The Benefits of Vino FC Membership

Calling all Sounders fans, vinophiles, foodies, and wine-tasting newbies!
If you live in or around Seattle and are of legal drinking age (21+), you are invited to sign up for a subscription to try some of the most exciting wines from around the world.

Scoring a membership at Team Vino FC isn’t like any other wine club! When you sign up for #TeamVino, you are joining a community of wine drinkers, sports fans, and fellow Seattle residents who aren’t into stuffy affairs but love a good bottle of wine.
Vino FC is about enjoying a glass of quality wine in good company.

Membership is your ticket to meeting new people, discovering new tastes, and taking your palate on a globetrotting wine-tasting adventure.

There’s something for everyone, including two bottles of vino I’ve handpicked for reasons we’ll discuss.

It’s going to be fun. Are you in?

How It Works

Sign up online with your credit card for a monthly subscription.

For just $65 a month you can drink premium wine from all over the world. Trust me; you won't regret drinking a bottle curated by Vino FC. Every bottle is a deal!

You'll receive two new bottles of wine per month.

Reds, whites, and sparkling wines will all be on the menu. As Vino FC members, we'll drink, discuss, and pour some more. Insights will be shared. Good times await.

Members are notified of their pickup location.

Your wine will be available for pick up in the Georgetown, WA, area. There is currently NO DELIVERY SERVICE option available; however, this may change in the future! You can also collect your order at any Vino FC event. Remember, you must be 21+ to participate. No exceptions.

The Team Vino FC Experience

Calling all Sounders fans, wine tasting novices, and fellow aficionados!


Ready To Join?